Graduation Day July 20th 2022 -  Master of Fine Arts  

                                                                                              2 year full-time post graduate course at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University

KAOS OPEN ART STUDIOS - at Lyndsay's private mooring and boat


Bobcat Gallery - Seeds of the Mind

New Solo Show 14th -19th May 2022

A unique, immersive journey through fire, earth air and water


"An artist who creates her art on the deck of her houseboat turns water from the River Thames into magnificent art" - Poppy Huggett Newsquest Media Group

WATER ALCHEMY - Solo Exhibition

November 25th - December 5th

Sponsored by Cass Art

A collection of work created on my boat during lockdown.  Using Thames river water, the show offers a mix of silk artworks, glassy laminates, canvas, paper and video.   

Main Event: 27th Nov. 6pm - 8.30pm   Free admission open to all

Cass Art Gallery Upstairs

103 Clarence Street

Kingston Upon Thames


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The Saatchi Gallery - Showing until 16th January 2022

If you would like to see the show, please contact me and I will be delighted to take you as my guest